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Tell us about your favorite book

A Child's Garden of VersesThanks for joining us at the Black Badger Book Club Blog. We're creating a place were lovers of the written word can share their thoughts on literature both new and old. Let's start by sharing your favorite book in the discussion area below.
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Best Movie Adaptations of a Book

Okay I know this is just an easy sop but it’s true: Richard Mulligan’s 1962 movie of this iconic book is just perfect. The casting of Mary Badham as Scout and Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is so exact that I cannot re-read this book without seeing and hearing both of them. Brock Peters as Tom Robinson actually surpassed the character development in the book and watching his reaction to the verdict, fills me with an impotent desire to do something to get him out of jail, out of the South in the 30s and out of his fate...

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